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Trollface Quest USA 2 662x335 - Trollface Quest USA 2

Trollface Quest USA 2

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If you liked Trollface Quest USA 1, here is another part in the series. More trolling scenes using the…
Trollface Quest USA 1 662x335 - Trollface Quest USA 1

Trollface Quest USA 1

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Are you prepared to test out a few really catchy and cool horror puzzles? Try this humorous and brand-new…
Trollface Quest Horror 2 662x335 - Trollface Quest Horror 2

Trollface Quest Horror 2

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Recreate famous film scenes in another game of Trollface Quest Horror. You will find far more terror scenes to…
Trollface Quest Horror 1 662x335 - Trollface Quest Horror 1

Trollface Quest Horror 1

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Do you like scary movies? Are you in the mood to get some jump scares? Get ready to learn…
Secret Of The Necromancer 662x335 - Secret Of The Necromancer

Secret Of The Necromancer

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The Secret of the Necromancer is a frightening adventure game with lovely graphics and addicting gameplay.
Clown Nights 662x335 - Clown Nights

Clown Nights

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You got your first job in the circus – that’s excellent news. Sadly, there are some bad news too,…
Torture The Trollface game 662x335 - Torture The Trollface

Torture The Trollface

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In this game, you have to torture the in-game character. As you turture futhermore, you earn more coins and…