Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets

Light Switch
Mouse - look around. Left Mouse Button - fire. Right Mouse Button - aim. Mouse Wheel - change weapon. [WASD/arrows] - walk around. [x] - prone. [V] - melee. [G] - grenade. [R] - reload. [F] - pick up items. Left [Shift] to run. Left [CTRL] to crouch. [Space] - jump.

Game Details

Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets

This is a dark and frightening first-person shooter game with scary elements. You’re trapped inside a little village, and you have to look for the mythical Slenderman who haunts the roads. The atmosphere of the game is frightening and scary.

To help shield yourself in your white and black creature, you’re equipped with numerous hints. Once you’ve discovered these hints, you will know how to find and destroy the Slenderman. Are you going to live and then destroy this evil menace, or will the Slenderman be your last despair?

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