Slenderman Must Die: Silent Forest

Light Switch
Mouse - look around. Left Mouse Button - fire. Right Mouse Button - aim. Mouse Wheel - change weapon. [WASD/arrows] - walk around. [x] - prone. [V] - melee. [G] - grenade. [R] - reload. [F] - pick up items. Left [Shift] to run. Left [CTRL] to crouch. [Space] - jump.

Game Details

Slenderman Must Die: Silent Forest

Another wonderful horror game from the Slenderman Must Die collection. The legend of Slenderman proceeds, and it appears his terrors and wicked won’t ever end!


You have to attempt to hunt down or escape out of Slenderman within a deserted space station in this event. You have to collect distinct energy cells sprinkled around the channel to escape and survive. Keep an eye out for your creep villain and then use some other hi-tech weapon you’ll find to destroy him!

Outside of all of the horror tales, the Slender Person is absolutely legend among horror tales.

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