Slenderman Must Die: Industrial Waste

Light Switch
Mouse - look around. Left Mouse Button - fire. Right Mouse Button - aim. Mouse Wheel - change weapon. [WASD/arrows] - walk around. [x] - prone. [V] - melee. [G] - grenade. [R] - reload. [F] - pick up items. Left [Shift] to run. Left [CTRL] to crouch. [Space] - jump.

Game Details

Slenderman Must Die: Industrial Waste

The Slenderman is among the most fascinating urban legends. This menacing evil personality with his black suit and outstretched arms is frightening.

In this horror game, you’re in the middle of mortal warfare. You’re walking through an industrial waste and have to attempt to find your way outside. This may look like an uncomplicated task; however, the Slenderman is lurking and will try to catch you.

The most important object of this game is to escape. First, you have to find 9 unique points while attempting to survive. Proceed through the creepy industrial waste and search for weapons and objects. Be cautious since there’s a multitude of parasitic creatures pushed forward by the slim creature.

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